PT. Sinar Laut Biru Logam Perkasa Jaya was officially established as a legal entity in 2016 domiciled in jl. Gunung Sahari III No 6- Gunung sahari selatan-Jakarta Pusat- indonesia and has a factory located in Curug cibenter, cukang galih dyerang banten- Indonesia, our company is a metal industry company with its own investment.

Previously, our company had the name CV. SINAR LAUT BIRU which is a small company exporting and importing metal industry goods.

Our company has a brilliant history in the export and import of metal goods. We have a lot of trust from clients both at home and from abroad. more than thirty technical and administrative personnel are working in our company to support the company’s performance.

At present our company is engaged in the collection, collection and utilization of waste, both domestic, metal and industrial waste. Some of our superior products that come from waste are Zinc Dross and Zinc Ash.

In its development we dedicate our company to providing high quality products.



Being the best and leading Company In the Field Of Collection, And utilization of waste by priorizing excellent service quality for all


  1. Play an active role in handling environment problems and realizing GO GREEN in order to  help
  2. Play an active role as partners for industry wich produces waste
  3. Estabilishing good relations among fellow enterpreneurs, transport and use hazardous material and toxic registered with ministry living environment.


Our commitment

Become a gathering company, a carrier by utilizing hazardous waste materials and toxic that can be relied upon.